Holi-Art Day #50: Mint to Be

in #art2 years ago

Good news, Steemians! It's Holi-Art time!

Holi-Art is a daily art post created by yours truly.

The idea of Holi-Art is to create a piece of art with a theme that is based around each day's less popular or even funny national or international holidays. Today is February 19th and thanks to the website www.daysoftheyear.com, I have learned that it is Chocolate Mint Day and International Tug of War Day. So today I will post an original piece of artwork that corresponds with one or more of these particular 'holidays'.

This is today's rendering:

Mint to Be

You know it's true!

Progression pictures:

I hope you all enjoyed this original content! If you have questions or advice for me, please leave them in the comments. Also, be sure to watch for my daily Holi-Art post to find out which wacky holidays that you should be celebrating today!


International Tug of War day! Really? lol

Great art work as usual my friend! Keep up the great work! Well done!

I know, right? That would have to be a loooong rope to play tug of war internationally! lol
Thanks man, have an awesome day!

nicely created as usual.

Haha! Nice this post made me laugh today :)


Not everyone can art, the art of inspiration is Good to be maintained.
thank you very much @rigaronib
I love and love the art you share.

Awesome, I'm glad to hear it!

nice art i always see your art and i love this art
thanks for sharing with us

Glad you like it!

This i really nice ....im into art please follow and upvote my blog

I ALWAYS love your art! This one is great!

Excellent t your art..Really awesome ..

Once again nice post goes great together mint chocolate, I was wondering if I could do a Holi-art piece myself, I like a few of the holidays coming up?

The principles of true art is not to portray, but to evoke

Nicely Done

"You were MINT for me" LOL. I like this Bro. Hahaha

Hey @rigaronib! this was an Epic conversation! 🤣
How did you get this concept!!

You were mint for me!!!

Yesterday wine. Today chocolate mint. This is like a tour of my interior being. I'm liking your Holi-Art better than cat videos and believe me, I adore cat videos. Actually I am now going to see if I can find one -- but after I see if there are any chocolate mint candies in the house.

Such a sweet artwork. They are choc-mint for each other. :-D Realy lovely.

Hey @rigaronib , this is interesting, intellectual , simple art. Keep rolling.
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