Holi-Art Day #27: A Piece of That Cake

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Good news, Steemians! Holi-Art has returned!

Many moons ago, I started a daily art post called Holi-Art, but due to multiple life changes and other circumstances, I let it die off. Many of you have inquired if it was ever coming back...Well, good news!

The idea of my daily Holi-Art is to create a piece of art with the theme based around that day's less popular or even funny national or international holiday. Today is January 27th and thanks to the website www.daysoftheyear.com, I have learned that it is Seed Swap Day, Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day, World Breast Pumping Day, National Geographic Day and Chocolate Cake Day. So today I will post an original piece of artwork that corresponds with one or more of these particular 'holidays'.

This is today's rendering:

A Piece of That Cake

You know you do, and maybe some milk to go with it!...Wait, no...no, not that kind of milk.

Progression pictures:

I hope you all enjoyed this original content! If you have questions or advice for me, please leave them in the comments. Also, be sure to watch for my daily Holi-Art post to find out which wacky holidays that you should be celebrating today!

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I really enjoyed your original content like I always do.....it's funny and good

Hahahahahaha! That was really funny Dear sweetheart! Surely, we all want a piece of the cake, but since you my Dear are the cake, then I dare say; we all want a piece of you Darly. Lolzzzzz.

Beautiful hilarious content Dearie! Keep steeming.

Haha Thanks for the comment, @efelexy!

Amazing as always :)the cake @rigaronib
Thanks post.good jop

Thanks! :)

U welcome @rigaronib

Awesome my friend!

Haha thanks, @jsantana! :D

I'm disappointed ! Where is the artwork for 'World Breast Pumping Day'

I was so close to doing that! I figured it was probably better to make it safe for work, though. Lol

Poor cake! You are eating it up!

Hahaha Thanks! :)

Oh! I see how it is, tough cake guy! Didn't they teach you not to mess with a Canadian! Huh! Huh! I'll pull your shirt over your head and turn you into pancakes! Dump some maple syrup on there maybe. Stupid cake! You're drunk!

Oh hey! What's up @rigaronib. Didn't see you there.

You Canadians and your maple syrup. Lol

Oh hey, @nonameslefttouse, sup?

Oh you know how it is. Just making a fool outta myself in the comment sections again. I thought the cake was actually talking to me. That's uh, some very convincing art. Had me going. Almost went for the hockey stick. Thought it would be a good time to do some slap shots. You know how it is.

Musta been that molly, man! Hopefully you were able you sleep it off.

As I was wandering around yesterday, I saw that little molly incident. What a frickin' douchebag that was. Good on you for standing up, man.

Haha He was quite the douche - Not the guy I would wanna party with. lol

Thanks :)

Really cute! I'm glad your doing this again. Tomorrow is national Kazoo day, National Data privacy day and National Bluebaerry pancake day. I vote for Kazoos! Peace...

Kazoos may just be the winner, stay tuned... :)

That's so cool that your back doing this. Love how you put the build up as well ! As a photographer I have always wished I could draw. Thanks for posting.

Thank you so much, @intrepidphotos! I really appreciate your support.
I've always wanted to be good a photography, but man, that is a pretty difficult artform!

Well perhaps you can teach me to draw and I can give you a few photo tips !

looks interesting friend looking forward hhaha

Seh, good your a post, I like it

Really cute!
Amazing , i really enjoyed!


Really a nice piece


I'll take two... please? ;)

You got it!