Holi-Art Day #12: Kiss That Ginger!

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Good news, Steemians! Holi-Art has returned!

Many moons ago, I started a daily art post called Holi-Art, but due to multiple life changes and other circumstances, I let it die off. Many of you have inquired if it was ever coming back...Well, good news!

The idea of my daily Holi-Art is to create a piece of art with the theme based around that day's less popular or even funny national or international holiday. Today is January 12th and thanks to the website www.daysoftheyear.com, I have learned that it is Kiss a Ginger Day, Marzipan Day and Pharmacist Day. So today I will post an original piece of artwork that corresponds with one or more of these particular 'holidays'.

This is today's rendering:

Kiss That Ginger!

C'mon, just a little pucker?

Progression pictures:

Make sure to watch for tomorrow's Holi-art!

Alright guys, I hope you all enjoyed this original content! If you did, please feel free to upvote and follow! And as always, if you have questions or advice for me, please leave them in the comments.

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Lol!! The hair is spot on :D

Haha! I used extra hair gel for this drawing! :D

Nice one, and very creative to work like this. Pictures explain from start to end. Thanks for sharing Self-explanatory pictures with us.


Nice job!! It's really creative. It's like gigerbread man Of 2018 xD or 3D

Haha Thanks, @marlegomez!


Really? Is it?

off course ...

What's helpful about it? It's just a piece of art. There are no facts or learning material..

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Haha You didn't hurt my feelings - It's difficult to do that.

It's really very beautiful.


So sweet this little Trumpy! Upped and resteemed!

Haha Thanks, @holgerwerner!

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Who's kawan?

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So like...a flag?

Looks cute

make 'murica great

Love the slang

Haha glad you like it!

Much like.
This post is beautiful and should be treated as so.
I hope you find great value here @ringaronib. Check out my blog and upvote me so we are friends.
Good day @ringaronib

Oh, what beauty my bro friend, @dbrobisen.
Happy to be here in.this place of happy.
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LOL! You guys are too funny!!

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So much talent. I still remember the awesome Steemit Alien! Glad your still around and sharing dope artwork!

@drpuffnstuff! What's up, man?!
Thanks so much for support, you're awesome. :)

What @riyad11 said! Please carry on! I look forward to these!

Lol! Thanks.

this a sweet blog.please carry on....


It's an amazing and beautiful art.
I really like your work.
Thanks for sharing this.


Nice one


trump has to see this. loooool.

add that hair to any figure, anyone will recognize it as trump. hehehe

Hahaha Right? I think his hair is more famous than he is!

Lol. Nice visual creating sire. Real nice

why do you fall with "Kiss That Ginger", a very creative idea, that can make everyone pay attention, high with the philosophy

Lol, there was zero philosophy involved.

Brilliant work!

Thank you so much, @condra!

Hello, your post was nominated for an upvote by a fellow within the Sndbox incubator. Thanks for re-starting the Holi-Art initiative and keeping Steemit fun and topical @rigaronib. Steem on :)

Wow! I'm super honored, thank you so much, @sndbox!