“New ‘TO DO’ List for 15 Mar. 2020” by Richard F. Yates

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Hey folks! After my last several weeks’ worth of scary health crisis stuff, it looks like I’m going to live for a while longer! (Sorry to all you collectors out there that were hoping your paintings were about to jump in value!) I’ve been scanned, needled, bled, irradiated, dyed, scanned, and medicated, but they just can’t seem to kill me off…

And so, now that I’ve got a future to plan again, I thought I better get back on the ball. I gathered up my journal, my pocket “at work” notebook, and my old “To Do” lists going back to January, and I re-assessed where I’m at and where I want to go. After conferring with Mariah (aka: THE BOSS), I came up with the following ACTION PLAN…

new to do list 15 mar. 2020 by rfy  peg.jpg
[Sharpie on found cardboard and ink on notebook paper with digital embellishments and colors. 2020.]

Just in case some folks may be viewing this piece on a phone or other screen that makes the image too small to read the words, here’s what I wrote in the list…

TO-DO LIST 15 MAR 2020

[ ] Mail Mark’s book to him! (I should have done this by now) [My friend, Mark, contributed the cover art to my novella, and I have intended to give him a copy of the book for months, but I’m a horrible slacker and a bad friend!]
[ ] Clean up / reorganize art room (trashed by kittens)
[ ] Finish “In Progress” paintings [I think I have about five paintings going right now that are in various states of completion. Time to finish these.]
[ ] Restart Etsy store [I had one several years ago, but I abandoned it… Time to look at it again.]
[ ] Check prices / rules for Cryptovoxels virtual gallery
[ ] Work on crypto art projects (several ideas) [I’m excited by crypto art right now, and I have several new ideas sketched out for future projects.]
[ ] New NON-COM Manifesto!!! [I like writing manifestos. They give me a focus for creative work.]
[ ] Music playlist / review post
[ ] Update business card image (explain why) [This has to do with the drama around the sale of Steemit and my choice to switch my primary blog work to SteemPeak instead of Steemit.]
Update [ ] crypto art and [ ] image galleries on Non-Com [If I don’t show it then people won’t see it.]
[ ] Share MakersPlace links on Twitter [I haven’t been doing this enough.]
[ ] Make schedule for posting on social media (more methodical) [I have TONS of social media outlets that I already use, but I rarely update them frequently enough. If I had a schedule, I could make sure that I get EACH site updated frequently enough to keep my potential readers and/or viewers interested.]
[ ] Start Spook Show 2020 reviews [I want to have 31 spooky movies reviewed before Halloween 2020. I told myself that I’d start in January this year to make sure I got them done. It’s now halfway through March, and I still have written the first review! GET ON IT, ME!!!]
[ ] Record podcast episode
[ ] Finish reading books and [ ] review…

[ ] Finish reading art book…and [ ] review
[ ] Finish reading writer biography book…and [ ] review
[ ] Finish reading magic comic…and [ ] review
[ ] Finish reading humor manga…and [ ] review
[ ] Finish reading avant-garde play…and [ ] review
[x] Call Granny – DONE! [I called my grandma today and talked to her for a bit---made sure she had toilet paper and stuff. She was interested in how my health was doing, and I assured her that I was getting better. CALL YOUR FAMILY AND LOVED ONES! Check on them. Let them know they still matter!]

[ ] Finish READ A DAMN BOOK book…
[ ] Start WEIRD SHIRT project
[ ] Write a LOT more…


[ ] GET HEALTHY + Calm my head (making progress) [Yeah…]
[ ] Make a song with Pocket Operator ([ ] Share) [My younger daughter, Elise, bought a little sequencer / drum machine / sampler thing when she was writing a lot of songs, and she wanted me to figure out how to use it to make “beats” for her songs. I tinkered with it for a bit, then put it on a shelf. It’s about time I get it down and start building songs!]
[ ] Go thru boxes in bedroom closet (organize art supplies) [We’ve moved several times in the last few years, and I’ve had stuff in boxes---notebooks, art supplies, memorabilia, etc.---and many of those boxes are stacked as tall as me (which, granted, isn’t that tall.) I really need to go through those boxes to see what stuff I have that I’ve forgotten about. I forget very easily!]
[ ] Lose 35 pounds (by June) [Already down 17!]
[ ] Finish R.P.G. rules [ ] Start writing R.P.G. modules (short stories)
[ ] Go thru journals and scan / publish the good bits [I have journals going all the way back to when I was seven years old. I would like to start going through those and see if I have any interesting stories, maybe note about things I experienced that would make good materials to share!]

That’s what I came up with this afternoon. I’m focusing on creating new materials and on organizing my online presence. I love making stuff---first and foremost---and I love sharing, but it would sure be nice to make enough dough off my creative work to pay for new supplies, at least! (I did actually pay for my entire, though very small, print-run with my sales at the Unpublished Writers’ event. That was a win. AND I’ve had very good luck with my crypto art sales lately, and I’m thankful for all the folks who are willing to support my creative efforts. It’s pretty damn cool.)

So there you go. My new, refocused, healthier plan of action… Let’s see how many of things I manage to finish in the following weeks!!!

---Richard F. Yates
(Primitive Thoughtician and Holy Fool)



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