“Make Me Laugh” by Richard F. Yates

in #art4 years ago

make me laugh 17 mar. 2020 by rfy  peg.jpg
[Ink on found cardboard with digital embellishments and color. 2020.]

Tuesday---the day after Monday. The second day of “Stuff Being Closed,” thanks to a mostly invisible threat floating around in the air. At this point, it seems to me that we, as humans, need to LOOK AWAY from the horror of the real world (at least for a bit) and try to find something funny, uplifting, humorous, inspiring, and/or positive to focus on. I’m not suggesting that we FORGET the threat (whether you believe in it or not.) (Please do believe in it, though.) What I mean is that we all KNOW shit has gone bad, but because we shouldn’t give up hope that things will get better, it’s essential that we keep our spirits or morale or psychological states UP!

I’m an Escapist… A journeyer through mindscapes… But I also know when things are getting TOO DARK. And right now, things are dark. We need to laugh. We need the light.

So what’s your method for finding positivity? I like to draw, and I often draw funny things… (Funny to me, anyway…)

Here are some. Hopefully, they make you smile a bit…

[Most of these were originally published, sometimes in slightly different versions, on The Primitive Entertainment Workshop, which was my main site, until we filled it up, or on the Steem blockchain!]

“Free Range Mustaches” (2016)
free range mustaches 19 may 2016.jpg

“Slappy Dance Lizard” (2016)
slappy dance lizard 18 nov. 2016 by rfy  peg.jpg

“A Real Ballet Star” (2016)
a real ballet star 7 aug. 2016 by rfy  peg.jpg

“H.I.S.S.” (2019)
h.i.s.s.  peg.jpg

“Hunger Dance” (2017)
hunger dance 30 jan. 2017 by rfy  peg.jpg

“Anxiety on the 9th Floor” (2016)
anxiety on the 9th floor 16 nov. 2016 by rfy  peg.jpg

“Bouquet” (2014)
bouquet 1 mar. 2014 by rfy.png

Those are a few drawings that I’ve made over the last few years that I think are kind of fun. (I have hundreds and hundreds more… If you don’t believe me check out The Primitive Entertainment Workshop site…)

Now it’s YOUR turn! Do you have any funny cartoons or drawings that you’ve made that might make ME laugh? If so, drop them in the comments or include a link to where I can see them. I’m looking for something FUNNY here, and if you think you can provide it, please share!!!

---Richard F. Yates
(Primitive Thoughtician and Holy Fool)



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