"Considering and Planning..." by Richard F. Yates

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I put together two new bookshelves today. The new "Art Room" is coming together! Hopefully, once it's in working order, I'll get on the damn workhorse and ride it into the sunset. (Metaphors are fun...and MIXED metaphors have the best flavor!)

Once I finished my physical labor, this afternoon, it was time to flex my head. I've been motivated to write some goals / desires / values / plans down for several days---and today, I actually got around to doing some scribbling. These aren't "FINAL DRAFTS," or anything like that, but more like working notes. I'll contemplate these notes, add to and revise them, and maybe make a more specific "To Do" list from these (like my list of books to finish.)

Here's what I wrote:

GOALS - Long Term...

---Be remembered
---Make my living through my creative efforts
---Adventures with Mariah [My wife, who I love spending time with. She is funny, silly, and excited by life...and she puts up with MOST of my shit, although she still doesn't like some of the weirder music that I enjoy, like Nurse with Wound, Vampire Rodents, or Chris and Cosey...]
---Help raise my grandkid(s) and help my family have good lives
---Entertain the world (contribute to people's enjoyment of the world) [...and leave it a better place for my having been here...]

Stuff I love / like / enjoy doing

---I love my family (and want them to enjoy their lives, experience less suffering, and feel that they have meaning.)
---Books / Stories
---Making Art (and sharing)
---Writing / Creating Stories (and sharing) [My younger daughter got me a new, nicer microphone for recording podcasts! So now I'm looking forward to TELLING some of my stories, as well as writing!]
---Documenting Stuff (both by taking pictures AND writing about places and experiences---and then SHARING what I've documented)

Specific Things I/We Want (Or want to do)

---Trip to San Francisco [Mariah and I are planning a road trip some time this summer. I really want to see the Museum of Modern Art!]
---More concerts
---Finish my R.P.G. Rule Set and...
---Start telling R.P.G. stories (modules)
---More photography
---Go through ALL journals (this is going to be a BIG job) and catalog the better bits...
---Go PRO
---Look into "digit gallery" (like crypto-voxols...or whatever)
---Make a "WHO I AM" post to share all over (with links and stuff...)

Short Term Goals / Plans

---Get my "Art Room" ready, which will (hopefully) help me get and stay organized.
---Work on more painting.
---Make a SCHEDULE for work (with certain projects being worked on on specific days---and focus on completing projects.)
---More crypto art
---Research conventions / art fairs / etc. [Get my books and art in front of more people's eyes! Personal connections make creative works more meaningful, so MEETING potential customers in person is a good way to make those connections!]
---Better use of online resources
---Figure out [ways] to SELL more.
---Rework Kofi and Patreon. [I've used these platforms in the past with almost no success, but I also didn't put much EFFORT into them...]
---Business cards

And those are my working notes. I'll digest these, do some more contemplation, then put together another "To Do" list or two. Harlan Ellison said (in the documentary, Dreams with Sharp Teeth) that creativity is a matter of hard work. Ideas just sit there, dissolving into nothing, unless we do the WORK of bringing them to life. Time to do some work...

---Richard F. Yates (Holy Fool)

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