How to create a 3D effect with occlusion shadows

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When doing elaborated lighting work I've gotten into the habit of simplifying every step of the painting method the maximum amount as attainable. Focusing my attention on one facet at a time helps to not become flooded and nearly always ends up in a far additional thorough job.

One step in this method is concentrating on occlusion shadows, that occur wherever surfaces move. A basic rule of thumb is that where square measureas are closed by surfaces, shadows can occur. the within of a mouth or a watch socket as an example can nearly always be darker than the highest of the nose or the forehead.

They're a style of shadows best noticeable once there isn't any directional light-weight gift. therefore you'll be able to paint them on a separate layer while not having to stress regarding the direction of the general lighting, then set that layer to Multiply to own it distribute the shadows on the objects below. In my example but, I do have a lighting theme in mind with directional lights and solid shadows, however these devolve on the occlusion shadows instead of exchange them.

01.Start Simple



Every sensible painting starts with an honest foundation. during this case it is a fast limning that appears terribly easy, however has all the knowledge in it i want to end the painting. It shows the putting of all the face expression, however conjointly wherever the forged shadows can fall and the way the rear lighting can push the silhouette forward.

02. Use occlusion layer



Built upon the previous sketch is that the occlusion layer. you will notice that it is a terribly bright layer with light-weight grayish tones in it, and therefore the reason for that's that we do not wish to do the shadows within the image. By keeping this layer light-weight the Multiply layer will not 'burn' my friendly-looking orc character below.

03. Build it up



With the occlusion layer in Multiply I paint over the road drawing with larger strokes to erase the massive lines whereas keeping the main volumes. The lines are not very required since the layout of the weather is gift within the occlusion layer, too. The work is currently largely done and every one that continues to be is adding color and effects.

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