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I'm not sure when we are going to arrive in Mars. I even know if there will be any utility by the time we achieve the real technology.

But I'm sure that we dream, we travel through ourselves. The animal flow, trial and error, mistakes and experience.

Try and survive, persist. You're the one that believe that is the one. Like everybody else.... Welcome to the casino, let me show you the game.

Space is awesome, I'm not even close to understand the actual math of the universe, maybe nobody. But there are humans that see the laws of nature. And in an act of protest they write the knowledge, they don't care about your slow but pretty functional method DNA.


Is there a planet better than earth? Actually we are not sure, there should be. But we are a little far away of the generation that will be able to achieve that trip. We should take care of this planet while we dream with other realities. Is the only way we have to achieve that goal some day.

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