Show an Image of a Sexy Girl Contest - 1 SBD Prize

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To enter this contest, you must find a photograph of a beautiful women.


  1. You must reply with a picture of a beautiful women.
  2. You must provide the image source.
  3. You must re-steem this post.
  4. You must upvote this post.
  5. You must upvote another persons submission.

The girl must look over 18. Don't show nudity, since we don't use the NSFW tag. I will use the number generator on, to pick the winner. The deadline is Wednesday April 11th, by 7pm UTC.


Sophie Mudd


F2C48DF6-4374-46B6-8ED8-980D0C7B9972.jpeg my wife taken at home with Nikon

I hope shes ok with me saying this. You're a lucky man :)

Very nice submission. Wow! What I wouldn't do, just to have 5 minutes alone with her.

emma stone my love

I like the shirt she's wearing. It looks nice when things are layered.

Just a photo of me .

Just a zombie hunter I was working on, a personal project...

Thanks for participation @Alxledante. You're the random winner. I sent you 1 SBD.

Thanks! You just made my day...


Source: From my own photography book; Its me.

I checked out your profile. You look beautiful. I would love to learn more about Venezuela. You should post some pictures of the rainforest, or recommend national parks. Contact agencies outside Venezuela for modeling work. They will pay you to send photographs, but you need to find a good agent to facilitate your profile. Study graphic design too. You can find contract jobs based off the USD. Outsource your talents to them, and get paid better then what they pay in Venezuela. Focus on modeling, but find a loyal professional to represent you. The creative economy has no boundaries. The creative economy is international.

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