An Art Unboxing - "White Widow" by Llewellyn

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I'm a huge art junkie with a very eclectic taste. Everything from Monet to Matisse, Renoir to Rembrandt, Pollock to Picasso and of course, lessor known local, national and international artists. If I like a piece of art, I like it, it doesn't matter who it's by, size or even what medium they use.

The piece just needs to "speak" to me...

We're also collectors and our walls are adorned with an assortment of original paintings, photos and prints. And I'm excited that in the mail, I've just received a little gem to add to our growing curations.


I've been waiting for this piece for 2-months now, ever since Llewellyn offered up a miniature print of "White Widow" to his followers as a Happy New Year Gift and I was lucky enough to snap one up. Funny, I've been coveting this print for quite some time…. Isn't she eerily beautiful...


7" x 7" Miniature Open Edition Museum Archival Print
Open Edition
Hot Press Watercolor Paper
Each one is signed by Llewelyn


Each print is accompanied by a dollar bill, hand drawn on by Llewellyn. His certificate of authenticity - he records the serial number of each one :)


Now you may or may not have heard of "Llewellyn", but Kevin Llewellyn is an amazing and very collectible, sort after artist. His dark, lifelike oil paintings utilizing techniques of 17th-century painting masters are not everyone's -cup-of-tea, but I'm a huge fan. Born in Ohio in 1978, Llewellyn knew as a fourth grader when he visited The Butler Institute of American Art that he wanted to be a painter and went on to attend Ringling School of Art and Design.


I'm so grateful to Llewelyn for his generosity... Now I just need to have her framed ♡

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Original content by @redwellies


very original @redwellies the $1 is a nice piece by itself

@beiker It really is and it was a surprise to get one. He sends them with the pieces he sells, but to get one with this gift was amazing :). Fantastic customer service!

Wow interesting that you are an art collector. Last night after doing a post we decided to take a walk. We saw an art exhibit some art pieces I could not comprehend but still I loved it.

@watersnake101 Love that you stumbled upon an art exhibition, that's awesome. Did you take any photos?

Indeed just finished it and will post a bit later before heading to bed. I'd appreciate your thoughts on it 😊

That white beautiful as you say is "eerily" pretty. I love art works as well but just don't do technical stuff because I'm not.. lol I'd love to see more of your art pieces. ♥

@dawnsheree I'll have to see what I can do :) I'm lucky because not only does my husband share my love of art, our children do too and enjoy the galleries as much as I do. One of our daughters is a budding artist too @vixxen

That's great @redwellies. Followed her immediately and I have to put her on Ginabot too ♥

I wish I have tons of voting power. I super love em.

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