My Awkward Blue Bird (Digital Art)

in #art2 years ago

Yesterday I have shared my first digital artwork. Now I would like to share the second.


Yes! It's a bird. I tried so hard to create a much more realistic bird that I can. But it seems like it's just what I can do as of now. It needs a lot of hard work and patience.

I used the same drawing app, the Adobe Illustrator Draw. You can download it free at Google Play Store for your Android phone.
For the bird's illustration, I just used the brush from the app's pen type and choose the colours I want to use. By the way, this bird illustration was inspired by a thriving bird, named "tikarol" here in Cebu. It is a blue-coloured bird, with a pointed beak and feeds on small insects.

I love to play with colours and shapes. So I added it to my illustration.

There you have it! My Awkward Blue Bird. Make one and share your hidden talents to the Steemit community!😊

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