Sealing Wax From Lightbringer Designs! Awesome! Review and Also "Seals of Secrecy" Updates:

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Today I received some sealing wax to continue with boxing up the different release editions of the magazine. I got my wax from Lightbringer Designs through Etsy, the wax is retailed through them and is a handcrafted production by a small San Francisco Family Business.

I love how they look, how to flow, how they cool down. They won't break, they will literally act like a seal, you'd rip or tear the paper before breaking this baby.

The only con, which is the reason I myself won't be purchasing them anymore after this project, is that they contain mostly natural ingredients, BUT.....they use synthetic polymers(plastics) added to it a slight amount to make it durable and flexible.

I will be using them to seal a Premium Magazine and Book as certification label, so luckily they will hopefully survive somewhere in a shelf rather than landing in a dump anytime soon. Plus the order I made is enough just for like a small amount of the packs I am preparing, for the rest I will be using sealing wax that is made using more natural ingredients and without any plastics most of all!

If you will use them for a purpose that is more permanent, I would recommend them, since they do have a very special aesthetic quality and texture, brilliant, shiny, rich.

On the other hand if you are intending to use sealing wax, for packaging, letters, temporary things, I would not recommend these, you do not want to be using plastics when you know it will be thrown into the trash or environment soon(garbage dump, landfill).

Fur durability and sealing purposes, certification purposes, permanent decorations, they are great!

If you are looking to have a seal made then Lightbringer Designs is a great place to consider, they are specialized in that, the wax is a supply item they stock!

Finally in the photo at the bottom you can see me decorating one of the books that come along with the magazine.

Two of the Editions contain the last Physical Prints of My Book “The End”. I will be taking the entire book out of publication once this project ends. Also digitally. These last 48# copies are numbered, signed, sealed and individualized.

The Final Act and also Funeral Ceremony for that compilation of works.

The stickers are designed and painted by my partner, and we print them using our own label printer, which was an amazing investment, so much you can do with that.

For more information regarding our work, head on over to "Catharsiopa - And Be A Part of the Revelations"56291087_135100340951268_7938055172595280194_n.jpg

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Wow love the look of these, but understand the ethical dilema.

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They are truly beautiful in every way, a shame really though it had to be plastic that's added to it.

Plastic is the one material that generally turns me off, it is too often used as a cheap easy alternative.