ZENTANGLE Keeps me Calm & Relaxed

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Why Zentangle Keeps me Calm & Relax?

It's a form of art , that makes up repetitive patterns that can form a creative & beautiful image. It is very therapeutic for those person who can hardly focus.







My Zentangle SYMBOLISM

I chose the Letter S as the BASE design for my Zentangle Art. "S" means alot to me bcoz it is the name of my eldest son & youngest daughter "Sofia" & "Seth". I also draw heart patterns linked to each other that symbolizes my unconditional & infinite Love for my 2 children.
The Flower which symbolizes wisdom ,that I prayed for them to have.. The Circles,Scrolls, & Oval patterns represents my commitment to them as their Guardian, Mother, Friend, Supporter for life. SPIRALS that symbolize the free flowing ,boundless ,and open Love for them forever.

They Are my Life.


Hope You All like my Zentangle ART

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It looks cool. Great work!

So so so gorgeous. Keep it up!
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Thank you for liking my post @surpassinggoogle .. Im already in discord :) excited to meet the team..
You are such an Angel for us beginners,.
May Godbless You always ^_^

accurately the art is fully looks very good.

That is simply gorgeous!

Thank You for The appreciation @melinda010100..

so nice my dear @rashiyume your kids are so cute god bless you all

Beautiful art work

Great art work dear keep posting and thank to @surpassinggoogle to support her.

Im so Blessed that you all support me Guys..
@surpassinggoogle always have an helping hand for those People who needs encouragement To Show their hidden Talents ..

Lovely art. :)

You did draw all these? You are undeniably a genius. I could not hide my admiration for your work.

I love the fact that you draw strength from the love you have for your children and your pour the strength on your work to make them beautiful. Good work ma'am

Thats What they Said LOVE can do
anything .Our Love for Our Children
Keeps us inspired . Every Lines, Every Shapes every Curves I draw They Are sUbject or Focal Point .

I love Them To them To the Moon & the Back .


When I first saw this, instantly, I was taken back to my early teen years.

I used to keep several of these designs hidden in my notebooks to keep me ‘focused’ in sometimes boring classes.

I knew they were calming and inspiring; but, totally clueless that they had a specific name and purpose.

Many thanks for sharing this post!