Art diary - an experiment in drawing light and artistic destruction

in #art3 years ago

AA lit draw.jpg

How to draw bright light has always puzzled me, so in my quest of self improvement, I did a little experimenting.
Yes Steemit I am back after a considerable absence, and to get back into the swing of things, its ART time. I have been spending my time trying to improve my drawing technique and here is how it all played out.


First I started with just a random drawing that took all of about 5 mintues. I payed zero attention to line work, as this was purely a creative exercise, not a finished product. Many hours of watching youtube videos about the digital effect 'colour dodge' guided my shading, basically paying attention to where light would be reflected, such as the warning sign in front of the girl. Ultimately this lacks any real punch, I could do better. Lighting it turns out is all about contrast, so its time to get digital and darken things up a bit.


An addition of some simple shading really starts to get things to looking 'lit' A little white on the highlights and tweaking of the shadows and I think things have turned out pretty nice. I quite like this digital image, but like all things in this world nothing is permanent, so the idea for a comparison sprung into my head, and the Title image was the result. Those flames are real, the original piece of art destroyed to create a digital picture. A beautiful ironic contrast of light and dark, digital and analogue. Creativity and destruction.

Its great to be back on Steemit after such a long absence, Looking forward to getting back into interacting with such a wonderful community. Thanks for reading.