My Artwork: A cool guy coding and listening to music!

in #art4 years ago

Hey guys! Today I wanted to share an Artwork that I have made using Adobe Illustrator. Many of my followers already know that I draw cool things and share them here! So if you are new, make sure to hit that follow button to see many of my drawings!

Today's art is just a cool guy coding on his "I Grape" Computer (Yeah, the clone of the IMac haha) and also listening to some music as well.


I made it in almost 1 hour since I had to go and do other things so I don't know the exact time haha. I have few more works that I have done and will do others and share them with you later guys!

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That looks really good, i used to work in illustrator to make logos etc for people but those days are over lol. But you got some talent, good job :).