Steemit payed my school bill

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Hey People

Yeah, you read that right, I payed my school bill off with some Steem. Heyoo ʕノ•ᴥ•ʔノ This is something that I've never done before, and it was kind of weird at first, with the preparation and all, but I was finally taking the first step into doing something that was out of my comfort zone. I guess the time was just too good. I am so grateful that I found this wonderful website because If I hadn't, I wouldn't be typing this and I would have stacked up so many fees at the school.


Ugh, just so much stuff, but I'm glad that I took care of that today. I did have financial aid, but it didn't take care of all of it. I know I know, I could of took more classes, but I didn't want to, because I'm tired of school. Plus this is my last semester, so I'm ready to be up outta there. I've been going to St. Paul College for almost 4 years, and I've learned not just the classes that I was taking, but myself also. Had some great instructors, met some like minded people along the way, and even met some honeys too (lol).


Man, I'm not sure what I'll do next since most of these schools are hella expensive, and most students get into debt because of it. I've already tried applying to a art college last year and got accepted to, with a $13,000 scholarship, but it wasn't enough. The school wanted me to pay $1,000 every month. So, I backed out, saved myself from being in debt. It's not worth being a slave to bills.

I've also been telling some of my friends and family about Steemit, but they just think that it's a scam or don't even take the time to see what this websites about. I even had a friend who joined steemit last year, but didn't take his time to learn the website or talk to users. I guess he was expecting "fast results". That's not how things work around here...I just wanted to thank everyone that's been with me on my steem journey and who has supported me. Everything that I've learned here still blows my mind away.

woolyblunts - lost an 8th at the park

Night Chill

W̅e̅i̅g̅h̅t̅ ̅L̅i̅f̅t̅e̅d̅ ̅

Have a good one guys, and until next time, peace, and thank you.

How I left the school when I payed my bill

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You go raizel...congrats on paying those school fees. Loving your approach and your hustle and on not wanting to be burdened by debt that can be a heavy load, and to your family and friends being reluctant about joining Steem...they'll come to their senses, but by that time Steem will be bigger than Youtube.

That's awesome, man! I'm really happy for you, and I'm sure you'll come up with something to afford that art school you want to attend.


Man, at this point I think I'm done with school, well, after I graduate @siucatti.


Yeah, I get you. I'm finishing this year and I could study something else to look for better jobs but just thinking about it destroys me hahaha.

Congrats! I have a goal to pay off debt with cryptocurrency as well. I noticed you're in my home area: Minneapolis/St.Paul. I hope to meet Steemians around here in person when I can make it to a meet-up. In the meantime, I'll follow you on Steemit :)


Thank you @mininthecity. I believe @timcliff is doing a get together next month in Minneapolis. You should check his page out. :]


Thanks, I did hear about Tim's meet-up. I have concert tickets that night. I'll be on the lookout for another, or host one myself :)