First Drawing of the year! [Sonic and Tails]

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Sonic the Hedgehog


the duo.png

♪ Sonic Boom,
Sonic Boom, Sonic Boooom ♪


Raizel here, and today I like to share with you my first drawing of the year!!! Its been a very long time since I posted a drawing on Steemit, I believe its been 5 months. Well goooooot daaaaamn. (∩╹□╹∩) As you can see, I really love sonic the hedgehog. I've grown up with him, played the video games, got the toys, and love to draw him. Back when I was in elementary school, me and my 2 other friends would draw him everyday and talked about the show too. It was a obsession. Played most of the games as well. Back then, it was magical times to be a kid...

Process 1.jpg

I played the first game when I was kid, and that was my very first game I played on the Sega Genesis. I remember those old commercials when Sega was throwing massive shade on the Nintendo. Times were crazy back then, but I gotta say, those commercials were really creative (lol). But I played both of the consoles, and had some good memories with them. Blowing on the cartridge made the game work for some reason. (ᗒᗨᗕ)

Process 2.jpg

And then the second game came out, and I just wondered, who in the world is this fox and why is he keeping up with Sonic? I thought Sonic was the fastest thing alive, but apparently this fox was damn fast too. During the time I played Sonic The Hedgehog 2, Tails would die all the freaking time and come back to life like nothing happen. Honestly, it was kind of scary because he would accidentally fall into some spikes and die, or drown to death. But he would come right back on the stage smiling...and I'm just like what in the hell, ya just got squashed by a block and your smiling? Man, playing those special stages for the first time blew my mind away and getting all the chaos emeralds to become super Sonic, it was exhilarating.


Anyone remembers falling into this pit?

Final Piece.png

Memories Memories Memories

But you know what saddens me is that the new sonic games haven't been that good lately. Its like the charm that I grew up with playing the games has been sucked up to nothingness. Except for Sonic mania, now that is a good game that I'll play over and over again. But I would like to say that Sonic The Hedgehog will forever hold a place in my heart and the memories that comes with him.



The vibes on this beat though

Do you have any memories of Sonic? Let me know down below.

Have a good one guys, and until next time, peace, and thank you.

When you die on the last level with no continues

Supplies used:
0.5 Tombow Mechanical Pencil
0.5 Twist Erasure Mechanical Pencil
0.5 Dr. Grip Mechanical Pencil
0.7 Bic Ink Pen
Prisma Markers
Faber Castell Color Pencils
Premier Kneaded Rubber Erase

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The Angry Nintendo Nerd! My gosh his reviews were hilarious! Nice work man. Solid creative skill you got there as always :)


Man, thank you @gamersclassified, that means a lot. ( ・ヮ・)

wow nice work on it!, and thanks for bringing back sega memories 😄👍


Thank you @doitvoluntarily. Back then I had such a blast with this game. They really don't make games like they use to anymore.


same, this one and Star fox on N64 lol👍