Let's grows up together!

in #art3 years ago

Hi, steemians,
If you think that your post deserves more attention. You can donate min 0.005 SBD to me and you received upvote from me.


  • donate min 0.005 SBD + memo + URL.
  • post can't be older from 6 days.

Let's grows up together!



Your power is very low. How will you effect a post. What will be your effect?

Yes, That's true but this is a way to get extra vote and the more people used me the more power will I have and my vote will be more worth. For now it's 0.01 SBD.

Understood but I don't think so you will effect so much. Thank you :)

I love that word "Steemians", may I use it?

Thx for following me i am still pretty new so i hope i can get more viewers

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