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Hey man, I had time to come here, look down your whole blog quickly before I head out for my self imposed rehab in the rain --- nobody is flagging your posts, IDK what it looks like on mobile but if you are on a laptop etc -- you can look down the far right hand side of the page -- see the little tiny greyed out flags subtly sitting there if there are no flags. (which there aren't all the way down your page)

If flags show up --- they show in your vote count by clicking the drop down and they easily show in that far right column with little dots if you have a flag.

High power flags show up as 2 or 3 dots.

If I flag someone with weight for example behind the vote, 2 dots at least show up. 3 if I flag with full power and my vote power is not diminished.

I see the Rahul Coin finally for the first time mentioned officially (:

Nice, I never forgot about that LOL.

From your last post yesterday on the eye portrait.