Coffee Sketch 1 : housing/ building

in #art3 years ago

For the last 3 weeks, I am so into sketching and coloring using coffee. Wait, I had no idea how to work on both. It just happened when I was sitting with some friends in coffee festival, and she happened to be sketching something. So I took a part as well.

So far I could only do sketch a line or two, building, no strange or hard shape, no plant /animal /human. I am not familiar with coloring, and using coffee is another challenge that I need to overcome.

Few hours a go a friend of mine sent a picture of building- I bet it was in Japan. He asked me to learn sketching with such picture as the model. So I did. Weird still , but I believe I am improving 😅

Well..what can I say. New thing in new year? 😃




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Incorporating coffee with your art style is a good decision. It adds a unique style to your work @rahmanovic. Happy new year by the way!

Wow..thanks a lot for the compliment. Honestly I have no idea what am I doing, I am just letting my hand doing what it wants 😅. Thanks for stopping by :)

You are welcome dear! :) it is good to know that you are enjoying and loving what you are doing. As an artist, I really appreciate that since a lot of the artists are only after earning something from their artworks.

Well...everyone have their own perspective about it 😁. I am still.learning, actually just get into it for the last couple of weeks, but I am letting myself drown in it 😁. It's fun

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