Dragon Ball - Child's goku drawing

in #art3 years ago

Hi all!

This week, the theme he touches is incredible, it's about Dragon Ball. I loved that cartoon, it became difficult to choose what to draw, since the heroes and villains were very good. It is a good memory of my childhood. I think my art doesn't even touch the original drawings, but I tried to make it possible. I chose to draw Goku's head as a child, surrounded by the dragon balls.

I really liked this week's theme, and I tried to show a good job, it was difficult to choose what or who to draw, but I hope you like it!.

Tell me: What is your character or which are your favorite Dragon ball characters?

I have several favorite characters, both heroes and villains, but today I decided to draw Goku as a child!

Sin títulodragonballz.png

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