FireTail 2.0

in #art3 years ago

FIRETAIL 2.0 : The Four Elements

pendleton wool technora kevlar leather squeaker

Swiveled at both top and bottom enabling "tail spins". Multi layered, high quality pendleton wool, quadruple stitched with mercerized cotton and kevlar thread for durability. Adjustable length! The technora is also double layered, kevlar stitched along its length, and replaceable.

DIRECTIONS: Snap firetail onto belt or beltloop. Attach wick and lightly dip. Keep moving when you burn. VERY FUN! You can squeak it too! Price is 140 preorder, 120 at OCF, or 400 for the set of 4. ULTRA RARE! :) most payment types accepted.

Thanks for checkin em out. Next batch probly round early october.


Oh yeah in order they are Earth Air Water Fire


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