Prismacolor Portrait of Steemian @erikaharris

in #art6 years ago

New original portrait of one of my favorite Steemians!

@erikaharris is a friend of mine and my mom's. My mom, @lesliestarrohara, got to visit Erika in Acapulco, Mexico earlier this month. I wanted to make a drawing for Erika before my mom left to visit her. I had to draw it in under an hour, but it actually turned out pretty realistic. YAY!


If you don't already follow @erikaharris on Steemit, you should!


Thank you for reading!



@purplepencilgirl: Raven, did you know this is now my Facebook profile pic (after more than a year with the previous one). And the original is in my livingroom waiting to be framed. I am so touched by your gifted heart and hands. Thank you, sweet friend. Also, I suggested to your Mom that you come next year and do live portraits (while having a ball)! Sending you big, big hugs. xo

thank you so much!
I don't think I would be able to do live portraits yet, but! maybe in a few years.
But i would LOVE to meet you in anarchapulco.

Great portrait. If you tske up the offer to be st the next event in Mexico it would be great to met you.

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