Steemit doodle art. My work step-by-step.

in art •  2 years ago

Today, all morning, I spent by watching the posts about flowers on the Steemit and Golos.
And suddenly I thought, but how does my eye look like, when I watch all this ...
I think it's looks like this:

and now step-by-step
DSC_1217 (1).jpg

DSC_1218 (1).jpg




DSC_1224 (1).jpg

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Awesome drawing! Looks really cool

Great 👍

lovely incorporation of the steemit logo ;D check out my art tutorials I post a new one in few hours


thank you, you have very interesting lessons. I follow you

This is so good.

Excellent Drawing :)


thank you very much, I am happy you like it!

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