My art gallery. Fish with colored pencils.

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Hello my dear friends, followers and guests of my blog!
Recently, I draw a lot with colored pencils.
And I already have a series of paintings and drawings.
Today I want to show you a selection of my drawings on the theme "FISH"
These drawings are made with colored pencils Polychrome from the manufacturer Faber Castell.
I really like these pencils for their wonderful covering properties, bright colors and rich pigment!









I hope you like it!

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Damn that's really good! I love the first drawing. What kind of fish is it?

Damn that's really good!
I love the first drawing. What
Kind of fish is it?

                 - klabboy

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Thank you!
I don[tknow the kind of fish ))) I made this drawing from a nice photos of underwater life.

Oh gotcha :) still very cool!