This is The Art, that Only Be Seen At Rain

in #art6 years ago (edited)

In general, making a work of art must have a brush, pencil, canvas and other tools. But unlike these people, these people create a unique work of art that can only be seen when it rains. How would it be? Here is the full review.

How can? Actually waka-waka studio making drawings and writing in a way that is mediocre. What makes it different so that the artwork can only be viewed rain is Superhydrophobic Coating substances they use. These substances make their artwork will be water resistant. So, when it rains, the artwork that has been given the substance will not be exposed to rain.

Here are made artwork Rain.Works that can only be seen when it rains

Thats amazing right? Any idea that more cool than this?
please provide your comments in the comments!
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