Queen Nefertiti art on Fabric!!!

in #art6 months ago

I'm enjoying this new journey I started this year, painting on fabric. It has forced out some of the hidden creativity in me. So far I must have done over ten of these but I'm yet to repeat a design. This is an intentional act such that each piece I churn out is a unique one and the owner gets to be the only one in the world wearing such.

I've been working with several fashion designers who provide the ready made clothes before I do my thing. So I got some fresh ones in yesterday and I was lost on what to do, after some deep thinking the image of the famous Egyptian queen Nefertiti struck me. A few hours later, this happened!


Some progress shots...




This was done with acrylics on cotton fabric, I'm looking forward to what comes out of mind next, I hope to be pleasantly surprised 😊.

What do you think friends?