Colored pencil birthday portrait

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Hello guys it's nice to be here once again. Today I'll be sharing a recent commission piece I just finished for UBA group Nigeria. The occasion was the birthday of one of the bosses and I was called on to make this portrait for him.

I primarily used a combination of Derwent and Crayola colored pencils to achieve this on Lambeth paper. Below are some progress shots...


I started with lighter yellow and brown colours on the skin as it is always advisable to go from smoother light layers to darker one's when using pastel. This way you avoid going too dark too soon.


I also used charcoal in the darkest areas like the hairs, the jacket and shadows to get very true blacks...


At the framers'...


Medium: Colored pencils and charcoal on Lambeth paper
Size: 30x24 inches
Duration: 5 days

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