A retirement gift portrait for United Capital PLC

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Hello fam! It's been a while here, I've been so busy with work lately and one of them is this right here. A portrait mashup of Madam Tokunbo, a retiring MD at United Capital, a leading investment banking corporation.


The idea was to instill some nostalgia by capturing 2 important stages of her life, I think I understood the assignment!

This was also my first time drawing on a grey paper and I have to say I really loved it!


I usually sketch with graphite but because of the grey paper I notice that I could barely see my strokes so I switched to charcoal. That meant I had to be more careful with my lines.


I went in with charcoal for the hair, both generals and Conte charcoal pencils. Then I started working the skin with pastels starting from the ear...



It was a mixture of pastels and charcoal all through, I used Reeves pastel chalks to establish the base layer of my tones then go over that with colored pencils for texture and firmness...charcoal for some extra darkness and shadows





Status: Commissioned
Medium: Pastels, colored pencils and charcoal on paper
Size: 42x30 inches

Thanks for stopping by, you like?



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Nice work bro 👍🏾 and thanks for following