WIP. Infest the city!

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This is a work in progress!

I think, a total of 6 hours went into this drawing so far! I bet many more hours will follow. We had a lot of rain the last few days and made my fingers itch to make an infested city!


I am making this drawing in my sketch book 21 x 29.7 cm. I bought this on at a dutch online shop for €8.95! It has broken white pages and is amazing for drawing and sketching! I even tried my Ecoline in it and that works as well! It has 80 acid free pages and each page is 140 grams! If you don't have a massibe budget, this is a great sketch book from Talens! They sell this book in 5 different sizes from really small to the one I have.

sketch book.jpg
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A close up look.

I am using Sakura Micron pens for this drawing. I bought a set a while ago to see if I could fall in love with something else than my Steadtler pens. The answer is yes but, I still prefer to use steadtler. I have no clue why, it might just be the color of the pens. These Micron pens are kinda beige... Oh well. I can only say that the inkt is amazing and they really slide over the paper! It dried quick and the points are really amazing!


I am using a size 0.8 for this drawing and that is the biggest one from the set I bought! I mostly use the smaller sizes for more detailed work. Anywho, I love these pens I only wish they would have a different color! I know, I am a weirdo! I also know that this brand is very loved by Anime artists!

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More work to be done!

I am hoping to either finish this drawing today or tomorrow! So keep your eyes open for the final results on my blogs!

Do you have a favorite brand for your pens?

Mine seriously is Steadtler but I would love to know what you love to use! Even if you don't draw, I would love to know witch pens you use to write!
Reply down below!

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