See life bright! ( Latest drawing)

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See life bright!

Hello, my name is Poeticsnake and I am an addict! ((Sighssss))
Yupp, I am really addicted to drawing and pens and paint and paper! The moment I make some money, I feel the coins burn in my pockets and hands to buy even more supppppliesssss and stuffssss!


I am also addicted to neon! Gosh, many years ago, my bedroom was neon as well! My mom almost killed me! LOL, no joke! I guess somethings never change no matter how hard you try to deny it! So, I bought some new neon pens and paint and... They will come to me soon! ((Rubs hands together))
With the corona problems, it will take a few days longer till I can hold them and play around with them as well. BUT, it's worth it! ((Nods and eats her pencil while trying to push the clock forwards))

I had a look at different markers and some prizes almost killed me. I swear, how the hell can one marker cost me almost 15 to 20 Euro? Does it drip cold? Lucky for us all, there are a million reviews online and they made me change my mind in buying those. Not that those Copic markers don't work, they do but I aint that richhhhh! At least not yet because I decided to become a super famous artist! ((Blinks)) Oy, a girl can dream right?

Okay, I bought some!
Moving on!

Here are some of the progress pictures of the drawing above. I like things simple. And I like bright! Life is good so... See life bright! I am, for some really weird reason, A true happy egg the last few weeks.

Progress pictures!






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Such cheerful drawing, like the colors, good that you made the background dark that lighten up the eye :)

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