Mushrooms on my mind!

in #art6 months ago

Mushrooms on my mind!

Mushrooms, I find them pretty and when they grow outside, I love to go on a hike to spot them and collect pictures of them for when I am too old and wrinkly to walk.


I also love to draw them! This time I made a really simple drawing on a5 paper in my special sketch book. I used a Posca pen for the black lines, A cretacolor pencil for fineart to sketch, felttips to color. The whole drawing took me about 30 minutes! Could have been faster if I had not eaten cookies in between! I love the simple shape of mushrooms and by using the grey felt-tip in 3 layers, it made it possible to even shade!

Do you like mushrooms? Do you eat them? LOL!!! I only eat those I can buy in the supermarket!
Have you ever tried drawing a mushroom? Please let me know down below!

Progress pictures.





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