Middle in the night cards!

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Middle in the night cards!

Summer is showing her face and that means I am up all night! Why? Because the heat stops me from sleeping! Not even the AC can help me sleep! Oh well, I make the best of the time I am awake and that means I do a lot of craft in the middle of the night!


Cards for my shop!

Instead of sulking and bitching about not getting any sleep, I prefer to grab my markers and create something I can use in my shop.
Drawing, painting, doodling, it all brings me happiness! Being awake in the middle of the night also means that no one will bother me while I work. No weird phonecalls, no people begging for my attention. Even my rabbit knows not to bother me in the nights! He just watches me like the silent stalker he is!

These cards are made on card paper I bought at the Action for not even 1 euro. I used my Steadtler marker for the black lines and my Ecoline brushpens for the color. I did use a water brush to put the Ecoline on the paper.


You can use them to draw directly on the paper but for these cards I picked up the paint from the point with a water brush to play a bit more with the colors. They are not cheap BUt worth the price you pay for them. I also use cheaper ones from the Action or where ever I can buy them but the colors from Ecoline are amazing. They are super bright and stay bright even after a long time in the sun. Yes, I tried that!

I also took progress pictures but for some unknown reason, it would have been smart to use the flash when you draw in the nights! I did not!
So, no progress pics this time! Oh well, who cares!

Do you draw your own cards? Do you think you would give it a try if I tell you how easy it is?
Would a hand drawn card warm your heart more than a printed one?
I am curious to read how you feel about this!
Please, leave your replies down below!

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