Love is never lost! (Latest drawing)

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Love is never lost!

I think I have romantic moments again! Who knew, a snek could feel love right? LOL
Anywho, I made a two page drawing because I had enough time on my hands!
It's not as bright as my previous ones but I still used some neon color!
I also made a order for some new supplies and I got them yesterday! I ordered an amazing set of neon markers and guess what? They were not able to send it! )(&&^&^&&* Now I will have to wait a few more weeks! Just my luck. BUT, I got a lot of new toys and paper to play around with!

This drawing is made in my a5 notebook! BUT, I am going to start to draw in my new one from now on! That paper is much white and bigger, a4! I also got some special Ecoline paper that I want to try out soon!
I still feel blessed that I love drawing and painting because it also keeps me busy during these covid days!

What do you do to keep yourself busy? Did you just like me think about drawing on the walls? ((Giggles))

Here are the progress pictures I took!

Progress pictures.







I had fun creating this little blurb and it made me smile for sure! Are you a romantic soul? Would you make your lover a drawing? Please let me know in the replies below!

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Hi! Wow, your painting is amazing :) Would love to see you on where you could set up your own community with your own token and get donations from the first day :)

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