New Contest!! Get your creative hats on

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We need page dividers

I am hoping that you all can deliver by making an awesome page divider or two for us to use for our posts. We want something to match the retro synthwave video game style theme we got going on here.


Throw together something cool and you will get rewarded. We will be giving 3 shares of Steem Basic Income to the winner. Our team will go through them once this post pays out and make our decision. All is not lost for those that will not be picked though, we will have consolation prizes in the form of @tipu upvotes for your submissions for the runners up.

Thank you for your participation in the early stages of this project. Big things are in the works and you are all a part of it.

If you like what we are doing, please consider a witness vote for my new team witness with @c0ff33a. Thank you all for everything. You are awesome.


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I am not an professional and i am not good at page dividers, but i want to wish good luck whoever is putting their efforts to come with awesome piece but, to support @playonsteem i am sharing my out of context pieces below.

(1) First piece


(2) Second Piece


(3) Third Piece


These pieces are not for the contest, inturn it's just to showcase my support to the @playonsteem initiatives.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed team. 🙂


These are amazing!


Congrats on winning! These are awesome! Thank you for creating them. I have sent 3 shares of @steembasicincome in your name.



Thank you! I'm very happy that you liked it. It feels very good!😍😍😍

@voronwe... where are you? This is a good challenge for you

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you are so smart

Here's mine, a lot of thought and effort went into this. If you need me to make it longer or shorter I can:

8=============================D ~~~~


Nice. it would have to be quite a bit shorter for me though.


That's more like it. lol


Oh! It's awesome 😀😀😀 It made my day happy. Thank you!

Tagging! Show us how it's done bro!


Tnx for the tag. I am on my vaccation now, enjoying summer. I will check this in few days and you know I'm IN!

Who made that awesome logo?! I really like it :D


I did. I am glad that you like it.


It's super super cool! :D

Hey @playonsteem!
I would like to participate in your contest. Here are some page dividers I made.



Wishing I knew how to make these things. I would love to participate just to be able to make things go during the early stages. Best of luck to everyone!


Now is the best time to learn.

I like the bright, neon-look of the graphics in this post! 😊

Here is a closeup detail of one idea I had for a page divider, using the same colors as your graphic, and the same concept as the blue circle:


Here is the divider, in full 1200x60 resolution (click to enlarge):


It is a PNG file with transparent background and looks great on either the "NightMode" or regular-mode on Steemit!

I love making those things! I will for sure put something together for you. This one will be a lot of fun. I will have an entry ready first of the week.


Congrats, your comment was randomly selected to win 1 share of @steembasicincome!



Thank you so much!! I truly appreciate that.


these would make awesome footers!!


These are great. I will be using some of them for footers for @playonsteem. I have entered you for 2 shares of @steembasicincome.

Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 12.04.28 PM.png


How great is that you liked it. It's great that my art is taken into account. Thank you!

I wish I knew how to help out here, but good luck with it all! I'm sure you'll get some awesome entries; there's so much talent here :)

I found your post because @cicisaja featured you in her Pay it Forward Curation contest entry (I'm one of the judges:). Please feel free to check it out and join us next week if you'd like!