Eevee and Oddish - Copic Marker Art

in art •  last year

Two first generation classics ^_^

Eevee is another one of my favorites, here accompanied by Oddish.

Materials used for making this drawing:

  • Strathmore 300 Series Smooth Bristol
  • Copic markers
  • Multiliners
  • White gel pen

The finished artwork

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Love the gel pen touch!


Thanks! ^_^

Great work!


Thank you! ^_^

Eevee is also my favorite and oddish comes right after! I have a collection of plush Eevee's and it's evolutions. 😍


I have too, they are soooo adorable :D

Wow, your painting has so much texture to it. Great work, love it! :)

Also, I have a little fun anime contest going on right now. If you have the time and want to have a chance to win some free SBDs, please check it out :)!

Oh wow! I love your style!! Eevee is my all time favorite!

That's neat!

Oh finally something happy. To soften a bit my poor heart :(( Snif-snif

I love this! So cute! T-T

These are wonderful. I only have about 7 copic markers right now but am slowly building my collection. You make them go on so smoothly and as someone else pointed out I love the touch of the gel pen. :)

Very very cool! You are very talented!! ;) Following you!