Meet the pixEOS Featured Artists

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pixEOS Featured Artist article cover art illustration by Joe Chiappetta and more
pixEOS is delighted to share with you the artwork of some of our fantastic Featured Artists from around the globe!

What is a pixEOS Featured Artist?
Here are the characteristics of a pixEOS Featured Artist:

  1. Passionate about issuing their own unique creations as rare digital art on the Grand pixEOS Art Gallery
  2. Committed to being part of a community where games and art collide
  3. Operates as an ambassador who highlights the benefits of pixEOS to others
  4. Creative entrepreneurs whose artwork will be positioned prominently in our gallery
  5. Helpful representatives who assist those new to blockchain in how to be onboarded into the crypto-sphere
  6. Trailblazing artists looking to gamify the way art is viewed, bought, sold, and traded
  7. Pioneering creators who will be part of revolutionizing the digital art market
  8. Conscientious artists proving that art can be cutting-edge yet also family-friendly

Below is a list of some of these talented and diverse pixEOS Featured Artists.

Nanu Berks
She's a multidimensional artist with a background in Social/Tech/AI/Communication, and enjoys sharing information about planet-positive technology through wearable art, fine art, street art, and art installations.

Peter Bock
He is a computer engineer with a passion for experimenting with new tools, constantly playing with the balance between AI-produced images and manual image manipulation to bring out visual patterns he finds pleasing to the eye.

He's one of the very first blockchain artists to exist in the space, contributing to the Rarepepe trading underground and assisting Sarutobi and Spells of Genesis which became the first 2 blockchain games in cryptocurrency history.

Gamaliel Espinoza M.
He's a software engineer, photographer and 3-D modeler.

He is a nice guy, somewhat curious and not very sociable, but he attracts the eyes with his occurrences.

Gera (art nickname of Gerdana Neis)
She invents her own digital worlds in which live fantastic creatures; beauty reigns supreme undividedly over there.

Aaron Mangal
He's a technology marketer, writer and enthusiast, most passionate about such categories like XR and the use of cryptocurrency for art, gaming and decentralized finance (DeFi).

His way of being in this world resonates with the honesty of an artist truly unafraid to share his depth, leaving you feeling like you’ve known him somehow forever.

Hailey Messervey
She's a pre-teen artist from Canada, who enjoys writing fictional stories and drawing unique characters for them.

Christian Roesch
He's a colorist even when working in black and white who says, "Visual arts come from the eyes, and they have to give back to the eyes."

Levi Strang
Nature is Levi's favorite artist.

Thomas Winter
He's an installation and street artist exploring solutions to bridge the physical world to digital art.

Fabi Yamada
She's a fun/insightful designer and artist, creator of pixEOS mascot and loves pixels and voxels!

Aoi yNnS
Aoi is a young artist who loves manga style.

He's a rebel artist.

Joe Chiappetta
He's an award-winning cartoonist best known for Silly Daddy Comics and as a pioneer in rare digital art.


Saludos a todos.

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