Beautiful pic

Wooow thats Amazing in fornt of door I can not see this befor
But where this apple come from that is in her foot

This is pure act. Classic to a fault. Then a shot by an amazing photographer.

beatifull 😊

Very interesting statue

It seems to be a great, great and beautiful house
Great statue

Ha ha ha, I love your caption! There's a statue of a bronze girl holding a bronze apple that is attached to her hand. It's like she's offering it to you, but you can never get it! Welcome to this house, NOT! Happy April Fools Day. HA ha ha. I really enjoyed that one.

I read your other post first, so I was prepared to look for a deeper meaning, but I found happiness instead. That's also valuable.

Gold girl with Golden Apple, Best combination.

هل هذا منزلك

Amazing art work, the girl, the apple basket, the fallen apple, the door etc. They all have a message to pass, only the wise can see beyond the ordinary.

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