Construction workers day off

in art •  7 months ago

Construction site photos on Sunday, with no workers to stare at me. There were a few workers today, but I didn't notice until I took off my headphones, and heard them working.

After leaving the house on a bicycle ride, I saw this white thing on the green grass, it looked out of place so I took a photo and then got the idea to do some more like it.
















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@pinacle You did a wonderful job. You have a very nice thought. Of the simple things made the pictures very magnificence. Especially this picture ♡ DQmTVhXsKdZdcCSSpsqcbWrNPAkSFioizh3SMcjk5EUFRtc.jpeg

It looks like a ghost town and the bottle is the remains of the monsters.

you are really crazy man, your photos are really worth... magical hands, keep up...

Different angle of View.

Wao ,so inovative ....thanks for sharing

I love the photography. Greetings and I love your hard work!

Your eyes dont skip a thing, i love it now how you Potray every single thing in your life.Nothing is really useless, all is worth just need eyes to see it


That's the mark of a good photographer. He knows when and where to click

the tranquility of a Sunday! photos that shows great work!

Look like a detective of cans and bottles that were not disposed at the trash bin. There were definitely lots of clear close up photographs. If we reflect, these are mainly bottles and cans. You did not capture any disposable food containers at all. Water is essential to our bodies so the construction workers drink a lot of water but no proper disposal was it due to the demand of work within a deadline? Perhap after a long day of exhaustion, clearing up the trash was not the priority but later after the whole project is completed. Just a one-cent thought! Upvoting and following!

All workers are on off but not you, i want your mesmerising things everyday man... They inspire me


He's also working to bring you these mesmerizing things 😉

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your photography is really awesome.
you saw a life in the andoned shit.
Abandoned house.
capture by me.

Never been a fan of construction workers. They screwed up a bunch of my grass and got rocks all over my driveway while building a home next to mine.

Lots of garbage blowing around the neighborhood too while they were there.

Not sure there is anything you can do though, that’s what sucks. I did call the city, and complained to the foreman, but not much changed.

Thank you for sharing . good photography

I think a Park like thing being is under construction construction is human requirement but not nature due to over construction and more development we are facing many problems but left it appreciate your work keep it up @pinacle

Woooow lots of garbage, the placement of place. Put trash in its place, let us dive deeply, with all the bitterness our soul, unload the rotten-rotten and dirty-dirty, doesn't like people to see it and do it. With the conscious and the will to rid the world of this later, United him with the realms of ideals. Because life is not the ideals only and not reality, but a Union between the two.
The pattern of clean living @pinacle

I really like seeing the picture.
Thank you for sharing information,
Thank you@pinacle

@pinacle you are the best content creators i have ever seen in my life,have a nice day.

I don’t understand why people throw there garbage on the clean paths if there are wastebins placed for them, i get very upset when i see people doing that..
We must keep our earth clean and green

(laughs)... I admire your reasoning faculty's simplicity.
Photography is all about being creative!
My mentor in photography & I keep learning..📸✍️
Nice concept there👍

But why we're some of the workers at work if it was the workers day off. Anyways I really appreciate your photography because you don't capture a photograph but you make it.

You are a genius. Photographs from the construction area can not be understood without seeing these pictures. You made the pictures awesome.

It is not the beauty of a building you should look at; its the construction one inspires from..Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is

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Beautiful photography @pinacle First pic of thermopore support for protection of items and other things are just some stupidity of few people who took fizzy drinks and throw their cans and bottle in constructed area. It reveals the story of unethical people. By the way which camera you are using. Amazing Photography. Keep sharing @pinacle

this is cool, just like something i did this morning

Now that's bad.. Because plastic takes more than 500 years to decompose.. Plastic is the worse environmental pollutant..

lots of garbage

great photos and record. :-) !!!

Hello Pinacle.

Very beautiful your pictures. One thing we did not like was the junk in the nature. People need to learn to take good care of animals and nature.

I found beautiful photos that have a lot of green.

I started on steemit today. If possible, of a pass in my post:

Good night and good sleep !!!

Weekend seems to be a bicycle day. Anyways pictures are taken with shear you always go on a bicycle ride at weekends?