Slowest moving mammal! Two-Toed or Three-Toed,The Sloth is the Drawing.

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The Sloth is the slowest moving mammal on earth, even the "giant tortoise" is faster than the sloth, only the "garden snail" is slower than the sloth.

The sloth(means; sluggishness or laziness) got its name from it's slowness, the sloth moves at staggering slow pace on ground at approx 2 meters/min (i.e 0.12km/h or 0.07miles/h).
It understandably run faster about 4 meters/min when being hunted by predators, we all run faster when being chased.
The sloth surprisingly move(swim) faster in water, 3 times faster than on ground (i.e 6 meters/min) and can hold breath up to 40 min under water.

The strangest thing is why a freakishly slow animal sloth will climb all the way down from the three canopy to poop, as it can be attacked by predators.

Nevertheless, the sloth is still cute as depicted by my drawing.


the sketch...






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