An Old Wise Matriarch/Cow and Her Calf Sharing a Moment.

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Having the largest brain of any land animal (about 11-13 pound) compared to human (3 pound), and 3 times as many neurons as humans (though large brain doesn't necessarily means smartness), it is admirable that an elephant is exceptionally smart.

The old saying "elephant never forget" may be exaggerated but there is more truth to the saying than one may realise or imagine.

Scientists researches have proven that some of these things elephants do are not just a mere feat.

Some of the things they do along side their extraordinary memories are listed below;

.They can mimic human voices,

.They can use tools, just like humans would,

.They understand human body language,

.They even mourn their dead,

.They also show empathy,
amongst other things...

My lil sketch of an elephant;





Thanks for your usual supports...

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