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A few days ago Crypto.Piotr had recommended me to review some blogs that might be of interest to me, among them, I reached the one of of @fredrikaa where I found a post that caught my attention and commented: Determination and confidence comes easily when you've defined what you really care ...

Among the different comments that were, he highlighted, from my point of view one written by @yahialababidi in https://steempeak.com/appics/@yahialababidi/pziv5x

There was the image that I am sharing at the beginning of this post and I was so attractive and direct the message of self-creation by the sculpture that I asked about the origin of the work, which I responded with kindness and I knew that it was a Bobbie Carlyle's work.

Reviewing the site of this sculptor, I could find that she also has one of the same type but with a female character that emerges while sculpting herself. You can visit his site and see his gallery of works in http://bobbiecarlylesculpture.com/

There is certainly an attraction for me in these images, they remind me of the idea of an entrepreneur, of "making themselves", but it also reminds me of what were the first great entrepreneurs and capitalists of the early twentieth century in America, people who some cases began in low-level positions and were forging their own destiny until they managed to exceed their goals and go much further than anyone would have bet in the beginning.

I definitely like the underlying message quite a bit.


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Oh my God!
How shocking and thoughtful this image is. Many thoughts cross my mind.

I can't help imagining that we sculpt, ourselves.

With our actions, our thoughts and our feelings, we are forging ourselves during the course of our lives.

We are an eternally unfinished work, since we will never finish correcting our mistakes and imperfections.

I like your comment :)

Certainly, the image gives me the idea of doing and perfecting with our own effort.

Hello dear @pedrobrito2004, very deep reflection, good comparison.

The idea of making yourself fight from below and become someone important and achieve your goals is an example that we find in many people who have managed to overcome themselves based on effort and hard work.

Greetings @pedrobrito2004, interesting the history of sculpture, I remember reading something about it some time ago, and if I also remember the female figure you mention, you magnify sincerely.

I agree with you that the best part is the background that has all this, in terms of the message it leaves, since it motivates us or at least in my case to know that our "work" (our student performance, our business, friends, etc.) so to speak, will be as beautiful as we ourselves forge it.

Without further ado, thank you for reading my comment, and I'm not leaving without wishing you a good day, late or night.✌️

Thanks for the comment, I share what you say and it is that same idea that made me write the post and share the image.