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I want to dedicate my art work today to a legend is late but his legacy will always remain in my heart


Bob Marley was a Jamaican singer and songwriter who became an international musical and cultural icon he was born on 6 February 1945 and died on 11 may 1981 at age 36
So saddened I couldn't meet a great musician like Bob Marley on earth but always happy when I listen to his Reggie beat it always inspire me and I always flow with the melody when ever I m in the studio doing some art work
My best track which I always listen to

No Woman No Cry

I always play this song for my mother when ever she's not happy about the nature or feel sad but I will never forget her impact in my life

God bless my mother

no woman no cry


My passion for art


I never thought that art is something I would appreciate or something that would be interesting. It all started when I came to this country five years ago. I always went back to my country, but I did not know that I would go that far. I will draw whenever I have the opportunity, everyone will enjoy my work and it will give me .

For me, I have to draw, it gives me a goal. I like creation and art. It was my first love and it will be something that will never leave me.

If I had to sacrifice my life for the arts, I would do it. It's an uncontrollable impulse that I always had. I think the reason I have this passion is because I feel like I can make the world more creative. I feel as if I am helping to spread inspiration around the world. And that is my ultimate goal. Inspiration is the best form of motivation

I am very happy to do this art work because art is life art is real my love for art work increases day by day so I come up with another painting work
Took me several hours but finally I have the end product

Drawing and painting is not my limit I also use ceramics to mould some object of different kind be imaginary or visually
Started with this 28434808_2076108612635160_1335880106324787200_n.jpg.jpg





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These are exceptional drawings, @pearlvickky. You have talent, that i can tell you. And i am glad you are in this platform. Such fine creative works belong here, no question.

I have looked up your blog, and you have more exceptional drawings. However, i have noticed a couple of things,

One, you do not format your posts well, despite the fine drawings. My suggestion, is that if you choose to post your own creative drawing, post just them, and leave out other pictures. take the example of this post, your drawings are powerful, but by adding the pictures of Bob Marley (by the way i admire him too) you kinda mix things up.

Try to present your posts and their narratives in a logical manner, to pass home your thoughts, and make it easy for others to find meaning in them.

Two, you are also repeat posting some of your paintings. i understand it could be because you have already posted, and it didn't get much attention, still it is not right.

Otherwise these are fine drawing

Let me make a suggestion, can you re-format these pictures well, describing each briefly as you tried with the ones on top? If you can, i curate for @asapers, and would recommend this post, so much, it could get featured in the @asapers daily curation it the much needed exposure your talent deserves.

Let me check back after some time, and see so i can forward it.


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