[Artwork]: Fascinated with the Moon

in art •  last year 

This art was created because of my fascination of the moon. The moon has a very significant meaning to me. The romantic side of me tells that the moon is my connection to my Mr. Right that God has prepared to me. I haven't met him yet, but for now the moon is my way of communication to him. Thinking that on the other side, there is this person who is also looking up. Trying to connect to me. Thinking the same way as I am. Waiting for me for the right time for us to meet. It may seem impossible that this kind of story exist. But I am holding to my faith that God will orchestrate things. That God is at work.

This is me trying to capture the moon.

Here are the photos of moon captured by me.

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the moon is a good subject. I have a fascination with it and also the sun. good choice!

So nice post,,moon is not only beauty of nature it is the part of the part of fascination

I got this image of the moon during a sunset when i was on a trip to the forest at about 6:30pm. The moon inspires!


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nice photo :)

It looks good. nice work