Tree Drawing | Coloring Book Project

in art •  last year 

Its great getting back into the groove of drawing daily again. Production of vol. 1 coloring book is on the finalization stage. Its taken years to build enough artwork I was confident in. If volume one does well, Im already half way done with vol. 2. I plan on doing a Kickstarter campaign for the coloring book so remember to follow when I post up the link on Steemit.

Tree Drawing

2018. Pencil and Pen. 11x17"



Thanks for looking!

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Special thanks to @artzone and @slothicorn for there support and curation in the arts community!


Copyrighted 2018.

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Can't wait to see the final result of your coloring book! I included this piece in my weekly curation Ocean of Art!

Thank you!! I plan on doing a Kickstarter campaign for the volume 1 coloring book. I am gonna post it up as soon as I get the proofs back. Thanks again!