"Forest Floor"

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“Forest Floor”

From a perspective looking upward from the forest floor. Bright morning sunlight shining brightly through the mist.

121017 Forest Floor 1.jpg

I've finished this painting after about 2 months with long breaks between. I actually just finished it today 10 December 2017.

This was an original piece from my own imagination. However, after I came up with the concept, I did go searching other pictures for reference to get the lighting and mist as correct as I could although I wasn't trying to be photo-realistic(I wish I could though). Haha! These are edible mushrooms in my mind(not all species or subspecies of mushrooms are edible). In the forest there are many edible plants and fruits our ancestors knew of no matter what part of the world you're in. My Muskogee(Mvskogee) part of my ancestors knows a lot about edible plants in South East U.S.A.

Acrylic paint
12”x12”inches (30.48x30.48)cm
Black canvas
Signed lower left corner “Parcke” and on the back with name date of completion in artist ink

I used black canvas because my art supply store was out of the white ones, because some art teacher bought the others by the case. I've heard they'll start ordering extras than the usual.

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Great post....👌✌👍
Hi @parcke....🤗🌸🤗
Thanx for sharing.....🌷


Thankyou for your acknowledgement @Mohansingh . I'm going to have to find my camera, instead of using my cellphone so that I can post better quality photograph. The picture looks much better in person.

Nice Fungi