Three painting/illustrations I just added to my Artfinder shop

in art •  4 months ago

I sold already 3 of the illustrations from my graphic novel "Giants" (it's on Amazon too). So, why not to offer some more of them for sale? 

And here they are.

I did all of them around a year ago.

This is the link to find them for sale on Artfinder. ;) 

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Of the 3 illustrations that I call my attention was the wolf with the flock of sheep, is very accurate to reality but being expressed as a work of art! It's a great job thank you for sharing it with us

i love your paintings so much, @paolobeneforti ! you have such a great touch with structuring your layers <3 very creative, and a VERY unique eye <3

love the second one's wolf's expression... gosh. you really nailed that wolfness !!! hahaha !!!

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