Daily drawing: 5 new sketches with some digital coloring (and an artwork of mine exhibited in Barcelona!)

in #art5 years ago

Most of the drawings I do in these days are for my next solo exhibition, that will happen in my town, Pistoia, in november.  (The one above is a portrait of my wife @silviabeneforti painting)

Scheduling an exhibition, for me, is always a way to have reasons to actually make the artworks I'm thinking about. When you have a date, a deadline, a space, you have to achieve what is in your mind. I'd say more: having limitations - the deadline, the space, the situation - is what let you make real something that was ideal, abstract. Choices are to be made, decisions to be taken. Materials, money, time, opportunities enter the game, and all these limitations force the artist to actually produce his artworks. I don't know another way to work.

In the meantime, from Barcelona, my galerist, Jordi Miguel, sent to me a picture of one of my artworks that is beeing showed in his current collective exhibition.

 If someone is around the Passaje de Gracia in the catalan city, could go there and visit the gallery. ;)

The daily sketches, with some digital color filling done in Gimp:


Damn I love your sketches! You always inspire me so much, they're a bit crazy:)

bel lavoro, ho votato se ti va di ricambiare ti sarei grato :)

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