Almost finished

in art •  2 months ago

This step is the last one, for my portrait of italian songwriter and poet Fabrizio De André. Now what remains to be done is balancing a little and adding some details.

After the previous steps (1, 2), I'm not so satisfied of the result but, ok, I don't want to persist anymore.

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Amazing work

Gosh, the city, the sea and the artist are now really layered so well <3 Feels like I can see through time with this one, @paolobeneforti !!

Paolo , this is another great piece of art. I wish I have this kind of trait too but I never got the chance to exercise it. May I know what are the materials you used for this artpiece? It will also be better to know the process of how you did this.

This is a pure inspiration to many artists and I'm amazed by this piece. Great job!

I love how your style has a dichotomy about it, like two worlds merging in a wonderful day dream.

Incredibile il cambiamento tra i primi 2 step e questo.

Wow... excellent. Upvoted

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Wow the portrait was amazing! The combination of the person seeing the distance as if it were the buildings thinking of life so to speak is a way of thinking about the perspective of what surrounds it