5 more artworks and my current projects

in #art4 years ago

I'm working hard for my next projects: a book, a graphic novel (that's another book), a solo exhibition. I spend most of my days on that - and I have also my other jobs: teaching, managing social accounts for a couple of companies, curating web design.

That's why I can't write long posts these days. But I always find time to draw. So, here are 5 more drawings.

Stay tuned. ;)


I couldn't resist folowing you. Your artworks look amazing. They spoke me! ;-) I think that this is a greek expression but... haha I don't know how to say it.
I like that you give meanings with such sipmle lines! Looking forward to see the rest of your work!

Great man. Reminds me a little of Jan Svankmajer. Some really nice sense of play and freedom in your drawings :)

Glad you're consistently posting your drawings! I do miss the stories, but your art is really wonderful nevertheless

Hi @paolobeneforti, Congrats with your goals. These drawing look very cool. By the way, here is how multitasking people look to me:

It looks great!

Best wishes for you <3